Friday, July 18, 2008

S4SL video tutorials

I would love to have some nice video tutorials to introduce people to S4SL, to complement my existing video (which is more of an overview) and web page tutorial.

I just found an S4SL tutorial in Spanish. Wow! I don't speak spanish, but as far as I can tell it looks great. It's here.

Please comment here if you find more video tutorials, or create your own.


Xesús Conde said...

Hi, I am the creator of the videotutorial about your excelent program, and I am very happy to see it here.

I do not have a great level speaking english, but maybe I can incorporate subtitles to the video.

I hope you pursue with this great job. This is my email if you want anything.

Crashadams said...

hey! I am amazed with this program and I passed the URL to some friends of mine at Linden Lab. I'd love to see a Torley video of it so I'm going to try to convince him to make one...:D

I'm very very interested in keeping tabs on it and would love to get on a mailing list or something if you have one. my email is and my SL name is Crash Prefect.

fyi: my friend at Linden lab I spoke to was very excited about it and said he'd tell his coworkers about it so we'll see where that goes. I told them I was amazed it wasn't on the scripting wiki already.

Anonymous said...

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