Friday, July 18, 2008


This is the official blog for Scratch for Second Life (S4SL). I'll post here to announce any interesting developments, and software updates. Please leave comments- I'd love to hear about people's experiences. Include your feature requests, bug reports, and links to images or video of cool things you create with S4SL. If you can share your S4SL files that would be great too!


Glenn said...

I'd like to see some calls for "If owner" and such, I also couldn't find commands like "Set die" and such to make an item kill itself.

Overall I like it, all else I could ask for is a button to delete parts not used up... using this to learn in SL isn't very effective, all the extra un-used states and bloat detracts me from finding what I wanted to know.

All the same! It has taught me a few things, thanks :)

ericrosenbaum said...

Thanks for your appreciation and your feature requests- I'll keep those in mind!

Funn Lim said...

This looks promising, fantastic and easy to follow. I can't wait to try it, since I find scripting virtually impossible. Can't understand a single thing so a point and click approach is great. Haven't tried out the features and will update my comment. I just hope it does what I hope to achieve.

Funn Lim said...

I tried it and found it relatively simple although still require some practice. I hope to see a texture menu and more options for the interaction other than the simple interactions.

blr said...

eric, the scratch code on clear() is sending "clearLineSegment", but the line segment is listening for "clear" to die.

features id like to see... well, i script by typing stuff in, so... ;) i'd rather see stuff like setting what channel to listen on, doing dialogues and such.
one thing i couldnt do; i wanted to make a star-drawing tool, and have the user input the number of points. so i wanted it to listen for basically any number, and set nPoints to it, but the snaps don't handle that.
yet ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love this thing! But I'm in TSL so is there a line segment location here? If there isn't maybe you could make an account or yadda yadda, etc.... Anyway! I was so excited about this! Thanks ^^

-P.S. If you need to talk to me or something.... I wouldn't know why but it's Maleon Mokeev in TSL :D

Thanks ^-^

ericrosenbaum said...

hm... it's a good question- we don't yet have an in-world location to pick up a lineSegment. I'll make a blog post describing how to create your own soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow Eric this is cool.
I made a Slidedoor with sounds in seconds. So easy! Great work


Zophiel said...

I would love to see the ability to generate on the fly code blocks. I'm working on some pretty complex nested communications and it would be useful to, for example, set channels and llRegionsay on broadcasts and turn that into a single drag and drop block.

Anonymous said...

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