Thursday, July 9, 2009

S4SL on OpenSim

Open Sim is an open source virtual world compatible with the second life viewer. Very cool.

Here's a video showing S4SL being used with Open Sim:

I've gotten messages from several people interested in using S4SL on Open Sim. Feel free to share what you are doing on the comments here, so people can learn from each other!

UPDATE 7/10/09: There is now a universal scratch 4 opensim package here!


Anonymous said...

what music is it playing on the vid?

ericrosenbaum said...

that's a piece called "the flight of the bumblebee"

Nick Zwart said...

I could not use the script for the lineSegment in OPensim, it give several errors.

Line (90,0): Error CS0136: A local variable named `indexOfColon' cannot be declared in this scope because it would give a different meaning to `indexOfColon', which is already used in a `parent' scope to denote something else

Any suggestion on this?

ericrosenbaum said...

Hi Nick- it looks like the problem is that the variable is getting declared multiple times. Oops.

So, it should be the case that there is only one line that declares the variable. Basically, there are several lines that say:

integer indexOfColon = (whatever)

so for all but the first one of these you want to remove the word "integer" so it looks like:

indexOfColon = (whatever)

Hope that helps- let me know if it works!

Nick Zwart said...

Hi Eric,
I did that, but that did not work so I changed the next indexOfColon into indexOfColon2 etc, which helped a lot. Now it works almost good.
When I now do the PEN thing it created a block but does not make it a stripe yet. Somehow the xengine is running slow or whatever.

Any chance of creating a Dutch language version. I am planning to use Scratch4OS in Holland for education of 12+


Nick Zwart said...

Additional to that I can say that I removed the integer like you told and tested again, now it works ok.
The only thing I changed is the listen function to clear. When CLEAR is used, the object is sending a 'clearLineSegments' message out so I changed the 2 lines in:

if (msg == "clearLineSegments") {

That works fine!

Are you still improving this program? I really would like to have it in the Dutch language!

Anonymous said...

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